Durdhara Inc. is a dream child company of Aromatherapist, licensed aesthetician, certified in medical laser treatments, Tatiana Elperin is dedicated to introducing to you the latest innovative treatments from Europe. Tatiana has extensive experience in remedies and herbal treatments. Tatiana offers energy aromatherapy products made from essential, organic, herbal oils. 


The secret formulation of essential oils for skin products she got from her grandma, who used to work and live in Egypt for many years. Her Egyptian girlfriend Durdhara Enit had incredibly beautiful skin and everybody around wanted to know what she did to have such a glowing skin. Enit was the best friend to her grandma and she shares this formula for skin with her. Durdhara Enit explained that this combination of essential oils came from her relatives. They had kept this secret for many years like a treasure.



Since preservatives and other carcinogens in personal care products are very contentious subject these days, most people don't know the danger they present. According to a report from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health there are more than 5,000 different chemicals used in the manufacturing of  fragrances, cosmetic items and household products. Some 900 of the 5,000 chemicals were found to be toxic and unsafe for human or even animal consumption. 

We offer healthy, natural products to recover and we would like to introduce it to the world as a new base for creams, lotions, body and facial oils. Tatiana produces balms made of oils and herbs specifically designed to combat common afflictions. She demonstrates in-depth how humans and plants have developed together along with supporting and influencing each other’s well being.

 This is the reason why Durdhara Inc. is the leader in Medical Aesthetic Treatments and Luxury, Natural, Organic products. We deliver an enhanced, personalized experience, and are committed to providing excellent service and style catered to you.