Most of the minimally invasive cosmetological procedures require pain relieving techniques on corresponding skin areas. J-Caine cream manufactured in Korea is considered to be the leader among topical anesthetics. It is produced in the form of a cream that contains 10,56% of lidocaine. The product has gained popularity among beauty specialists in South Korea as well as in other countries. 

Main advantages

  • Complies with international standards for aesthetic medicine products
  • High lidocaine concentration allows relieving pain within the skin tissues as deep as at least 8 mm
  • Has a long-lasting effect – up to 90 minutes after application
  • It is economical: little amount of product helps to achieve desired effect
  • Has a high safety profile and does not cause any allergic reactions
  • In comparison with other similar products it is priced very reasonably  


J-Caine cream 500 gr – leader among skin anesthetics

  • The cream is very easy to use. 

    - Apply the cream onto a clean, unaffected skin surface

    - Cover it with a plastic wrap or another material capable of creating a sealing effect

    - Remove the wrap following 20-30 minutes (depends on individual sensitivity) and clean the remaining lotion with a clean cloth.

    • Perform the procedure

    The patient may experience numbness on the part of the skin where the cream has been applied. This feeling may appear within 15 minutes since the application of the cream and will last for about one hour. This is enough for the majority of cosmetological techniques.